June 2015 – Bodywork Complete

June 2015 finally completed all the body work on the Chevelle.  Next step … fitting fenders, hood and etc.

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Welcome to the 66SS396.com website.   This website will document restoration progress of my 1966 Chevelle SS.   In the early stages of this project, all work was done by me and at times with the assistance of long time friend Matt.

All body work with the exception of stripping the body is done by Chad Mobley.

I will update the blog as the project progresses and as time allows.


Thanks for visiting!



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June 2014 – Trunk and Floor Pans II

Major focus in June was to get the trunk and floor pans installed.

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May 2014 – Trunk and Floor Pan Replacement

Replacement of the Trunk and Floor pans.

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May 2014 – Driver Side Quarter Panel Relocation

At some point in the cars lifetime someone managed to “hit the ditch” and the drivers side quarter panel was in need of replacement.  When replaced, the panel was lap welded making the alignment incorrect, causing an improper fitting. I guess “back-in-the-day” it was the acceptable way to do things.   As it turns out, this was not the correct way and my body man would not have it.  The old weld was cut out, aligned and the joint was lap welded obtain the correct factory fit.

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May 2014 – Quarter Panel and Tail Lamp Panel Brace Fab

May 2014.  C.M. starts on the Quarter Panel and Tail Lamp Panel Brace fabrication.  We opted to not use patch panels on this project instead C.M. would fabricate what we needed.

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Dec 2012 – Sending Off to the Body Shop

Today (Dec. 21st 2012) was a big step forward for the restoration – K.F. and C.M. from the body shop came by and picked up the Chevelle to get started on the body work. I’ve been looking forward to this day, because it means that the metal work and the body work can finally start… The part I am not looking forward to is the big bills coming since someone else will be doing the work.

Chad (C.M.) will be replacing floor pans, trunk pans, refabricating the 1st design hood, refitting the drivers side quarter panel, stripping the body down to bare metal, fixing/creating the missing filler piece between the taillight panel and trunk, and fixing rust throughout.

All original metal will be repaired (no aftermarket body panels, with the exception of floor and trunk pans)  Chad will also do al...

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January 2009 – Body off Chassis

Commissioned Father-in-Law and Brother-in-Law to help with removing the body from the chassis.

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