Trim Parts Installed!

Finally!   Installing trim parts on body – July 2019.

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Assembly August 2018

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Sept 2017 – Rotisserie – Under Body Paint

Finally got the 66 Chevelle SS on the Rotisserie so the under body could be painted. All interior black has also been painted. All body work complete … ready for body paint.

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July 2017 – Redoing the Chassis

July 2017  After moving the Chassis around the shop for almost 4 years is was in need of a redo …..  Disassembled and re-painted.

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November 2015 | Fitting Body Panels

Fitting Body Panels on the 66 Chevelle SS

Fitting Body Panels on the 66 Chevelle SS

In November 2015 assembly and fitting of the body panels were underway.   Time was taken to  mock up each panel  after the metal work was finished.  By doing this the panel fit and alignment can be fine tuned.    Once everything fits correctly, the car can come apart for the rest of the restoration and finish work, knowing that it will go back together fitting perfectly.

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Primed and Blocked Sanded 2 | June 2015

66 Chevelle SS Restoration

Primed and ready for more block sanding.

In June 2015 we finally got around to block sanding the 66 Chevelle.  The

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Skim Coating Before Blocking | June 2015

66 Chevelle Bodywork

Skim Coating involves spreading a layer of body filler over the entire car to ensure that when you paint it, it’s smooth and there are no gaps or holes.  Blocking is the way you smooth minor surface waves and imperfections, much smaller than dents and dings. These are typically high and low spots so small you really can’t feel them, but you will certainly see them in the wavy reflections of light in a glossy top coat.

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Trunk Pans | May 2014

66 Chevelle Quarter Panel and Truni Pans

In May 2014 sheet metal work on the 66 SS 396 was it it’s peak.   A lot of hours and $$ was spent this month!   The amount of work that has gone into this part of the project reminds me why I NEVER could or would have attempted this on my own.

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