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Floor Pans and Shifter Hump |May 2014

66 Chevelle Floor Pans

The floor pans were is excellent condition and required only minor re-fabrication work,  the shifter hump was a different and story and required a complete re-fab.

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Hood Repair July | 2012

I did all the hard work on the hood … striping it and taking it to Chad @ Southern Auto Restoration.   Chad did all the metal work …

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Chassis Assembly Part 3| September 2009

img_4706 img_4708 img_4709 img_4710 img_4712 img_4716 img_4722 img_4724 img_4725 img_4726 img_4727 img_4728 img_4730 img_4731

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Chassis Assembly Part 2| June 2009

img_4640 img_4641 img_4642 img_4643 img_4644 img_4645 img_4646 img_4647 img_4649 img_4651 img_4654 img_4655 img_4657 img_4658

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Chassis Assembly Part 1| June 2009

66 SS 396 Chevelle Chassis img_4547 img_4553 img_4560 img_4573 img_4574 img_4575 img_4577_6 img_4590 img_4632

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Chassis Rebuild |February 2009

Miscellaneous images from the chassis rebuild.



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Chassis Restoration

All components were removed from the chassis and the chassis was sandblasted and repainted with Eastwood chassis paint. The chassis was rebuilt using all new parts. Due to the duration between the restoration time and the installation on the body back on the chassis, the chassis will be “refreshed” prior to installing the body after body work is complete.

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Body off Chassis | Jan 2009

In January, the Chevelle was moved from MT’s Shop back to my shop and the body was removed from the Chassis.


img_4206 img_4207 img_4208 img_4209 img_4210 img_4214 img_4215 img_4216 img_4225 img_4227 img_4229 img_4230 img_4231

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Disassembly Part 3 | Aug 2008

66 SS 396 Chevelle img_4026 img_4048 img_4108 img_4109 img_4113 img_4114 img_4118 img_4128 img_4147

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Disassembly Part 2 | Aug 2008

Disassembly | Finding Issues Disassembly | Finding Issues Disassembly | Finding Issues Disassembly | Finding Issues Disassembly | Finding Issues 66 Chevelle SS 396

August 07, 2008 the Chevelle arrives back at my shop and the disassembly continues.  As you can tell from the photos the “Patch” job that was done in 1994 did not hold up … but then again it did somewhat preserve the car.

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